A History of My Community Involvement

Rev. Lester Long, Jr.,
Associate Minister of
Second Baptist Church,
609 N. Rose, is a candidate
for the 12th District
Kalamazoo County Commission.
Present Commissioner,
Miller, is not seeking reelection.
Rev. Long is a certified
licensed insurance agent
and employed at
Metropolitan Life Insurance
A resident of Kalamazoo
since 1972, he has served
on several boards and
committees, including the
Family Health Center and
the Kalamazoo Community
program Ad-Hoc Advisory
He is founder and
president of the Northside
Association for Community
Development; and
reorganized and served as
president of the Northside
Little League from October,
1973, to July, 1975.
The Norway House Advisory
Council recently
elected Rev. Long as
Rev. Long feels that the
biggest problem facing the
12th District is the lack of
unity between the residents.
He believes “we must
develop a Common purpose
and a new direction
that the entire district can
work to obtain.”
He feels that “crime and
poor housing are like two
cancers eating away at our
community and we must
do all we can to arrest these
If elected he said he
would set-up a district wide
advisory council that
hopefully would be the
tool to coming up with
solutions to some of the
community’s most pressing
He also feels that there is
a need for a 12th District
citizens office to handle
concerns and complaints
of the District residents
relative to the county and
local government.
Rev. Long has received
awards from the mayor of
Detroit, the City Council
of Detroit, Family Health
Center, the City of
Kalamazoo and the Young
Gospel Singers of
Kalamazoo for outstanding
service to the community.
He’s running as a
Democrat. The primary
election is Tuesday,
August 8. 1978


Focus News (1978), Rev. Lester Long, Jr. 12th District Candidate: Kalamazoo County Commissioner: Archives and Regional History Collections (VOL. XIV, No.l): Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Mich. Retrieved May 4, 2021 from https://digmichnews.cmich.edu/?a=d&d=KalamazooFN19780601-01.1.1&e=——-en-10–1–txt-txIN—–


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